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Introducing the North Surrey Chiropractic Clinic Chiropractors


Dr. Linda Gordon

After being injured in a car accident in my teens, I had experienced severe neck and shoulder pains with daily headaches. My doctor had told me there was nothing really wrong with me, I just “needed more exercise, and to take these pills.” This was devastating advice to an 18-year-old student and dancer. If I felt this way at my age, how would I feel at 30? 40? 50? read more»


Dr. David Wasylynko

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor I had had always been interested in the health field. The problem I faced was that so little of it made sense to me. Fortunately through my own sports injuries I discovered how effective Chiropractic can be. Although most people think that back injuries bring you to a Chiropractor’s office, that is not always the case… read more»


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