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0Meet Dr. Linda Gordon

After being injured in a car accident in my teens, I had experienced severe neck and shoulder pains with daily headaches. My doctor had told me there was nothing really wrong with me, I just “needed more exercise, and to take these pills.” This was devastating advice to an 18-year-old student and dancer. If I felt this way at my age, how would I feel at 30? 40? 50?

Would I Make It To 60?

By good fortune, one day my father took me along to see his chiropractor, where I received my first chiropractic adjustment. Immediately I felt an improvement. But how could this be? The doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with me. After a series of treatments I felt dramatically better. No headaches. No neck pain. Improved sleep. More energy.

I was in university at the time. I completed my Bachelor of Science, major in vertebrate zoology. From there I moved to Toronto to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated in 1985 with my Doctor of Chiropractic. Here my hopes were confirmed: I could make a significant difference in people’s lives by helping them to achieve health, not only to be pain-free, but to feel really good.

Serving the North Surrey community

I began practice in the diverse and rapidly changing community of North Surrey later that year and I have been here ever since. I practice with my husband Dr. David Wasylynko. We have two children, boys, who are very active in hockey, rugby and basketball. I volunteer on the parent’s council at school, the Semiahmoo Hockey Association, the Surrey Dance Festival, and am a past director of the Surrey Arts council, the BC College of Chiropractors, and the BC CMCC Alumni Association.


Our Goals for Patients

Our goals for our patients are to help them achieve an improved quality of life and help them to return to their activities and sports. For some it is to recover after an injury; for others, to improve and maintain mobility and function and return to an active life. Some want better posture for themselves and their children, and some want better health, function and a feeling of vitality.
Personally, I keep very active. I teach Pilates, dance and I work out with a weight training program. I also power walk, and I am exploring yoga. Skiing is our family’s favorite vacation. After several car accidents I know that to keep strong and healthy I need to get my spine checked weekly and keep up a routine of exercise.

We Want You to Feel Great!

We invite you to come and experience the opportunity to feel great again, to return to your sport, to your job, to your life. I want you to wake up one day and say “I feel great!” Not just pain free but healthy and strong and positive. Contact us and we can discuss how this could become a reality for you.

Dr. Linda Gordon | (604) 585-1588