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Laser Therapy at North Surrey Chiropractic Clinic

laser therapy on persons armLaser therapy uses the healing power of certain wavelengths of light to energize cells and speed up recovery time for soft tissues. Our BIOFLEX® 3D laser boosts your body’s ability to heal itself by targeting tissues with the benefits of red light, restoring you to optimal wellness without medications or surgery.

Three Powerful Levels of Healing

At North Surrey Chiropractic Clinic, we’ve invested in the latest technology to give you maximum results. By activating blood cells to perform at their best, this therapy helps decrease inflammation and pain. The BIOFLEX® laser combines three key wavelengths to promote healing at every level:

  • Red light: Addresses superficial layers of the skin using red light.
  • Infrared light: Radiant energy reaches the middle tissue layer of muscle.
  • Infrared laser: Finally, we use infrared laser to penetrate all the way down into the bones and ligaments.

What to Expect

You won’t feel anything during your appointment, since we’re simply working with light. Each session builds on itself. If you’re starting out with significant stiffness, pain, or inflammation, we may have you come in daily. A patient with moderate pain might initially come in three times a week. It takes about three to six sessions before you will notice results.

Each session takes 30-40 minutes. This service should be covered by insurance if your benefits include chiropractic, since we bill it under general chiropractic care.

Comfortable Care With Dynamic Results

We use this approach for chronic conditions like arthritis. Light therapy helps reduce pain and swelling anywhere from your back to your knees. This technique is also appropriate for acute injuries. It can speed up the healing process for sprains, strains, and even bone fractures.

While there are no side effects for light therapy, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and cancer patients. Parents should be aware of possible effects on children’s growth plates. Otherwise, our chiropractors recommend this service for any adult patient.

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