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Orthotics at North Surrey Chiropractic Clinic

person tying their shoesInstead of limiting our focus to your spine, we care for the entire body. At North Surrey Chiropractic Clinic, we’re proud to offer custom orthotics to correct structural issues in the foot that can lead to pain anywhere in the body, from your knees and hips to your low back.

Customized Insoles to Fit Your Lifestyle

Your feet are the foundation for everything you do. Our Footmaxx custom-made insoles are personalized for each foot, correcting even minor imbalances so you can step forward in better comfort. Accommodations can be built into the insole to make sure your foot is functioning optimally.

If we determine that orthotics would be a good solution for you, we’ll start by taking a 3D image of your foot, followed by a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis. The 3D image is for insurance purposes, as you can submit it for possible reimbursement.

Our chiropractors will then carefully review the information from your exam to recommend the best type of insole for your needs. We offer several speciality options, including extra-sensitive insoles for diabetics and models for athletes who do intense training.

Taking a Step Toward Wellness

After fitting you with your new orthotics, we’ll schedule you for a two-week follow-up to see how you’re doing and determine whether we need to make any modifications.

Most patients might want to look into getting a new pair made after two or three years. Some people may be able to keep their orthotics for four years or longer. You will likely need to replace your insoles sooner if you’re very active or if you work a job that requires a lot of walking. Excess sweating can also break down the material faster.

Billing and Cost

We can direct bill for the initial exam. You’ll need to pay upfront for the orthotics themselves. When you pick up your insoles, we’ll give you everything to submit your claim for possible reimbursement through your extended provider.

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